Welcome to idiodextrous.com. This site is the home of information about those rare bassists in the history of jazz who play the instrument ‘back-to-front’ – playing ‘left-handed’ on a ‘right-handed’ double bass.

It also contains videos, images and biographies of idiodextrous jazz bassists, mini-essays on how idiodexterity challenges the norm and interviews with bassists, luthiers, body experts and ‘legit lefties‘ – bassists who play left-handed on left-handed instruments.

There is also a forum inviting comments and participation in ongoing research. If you play a musical instrument in an unusual ‘handedness approach’, I’d love to hear about it!

Idiodextrous.com was created by Greg Gottlieb in 2015 as part of an MA by Research project at Middlesex University in London.


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